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Events & Incidents

The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road

If it was only a tall tale or a self-serving agreement, countries would not have jumped out of their seat and wait in li... Click to read more

Neutral Good

by 1 Jurors

Gay Marriage Legislation

They are using the wrong body parts for the wrong reasons. I also think that it is unatural as they will not be able to... Click to read more

Chaotic Good

by 8 Jurors

Academy Awards (Oscar)

In 2007, everyone thought the best animated feature will go to cars hands down. The only other contestants were Happy Fe... Click to read more

Lawful Neutral

by 4 Jurors


I do worry about terrorism, but I don't let that concern dictate how I live my life. I feel like terrorism is much more... Click to read more


by 7 Jurors

Arab Spring

The Arab spring was a miserable failure that the president first thought was going to be a great success. The main peopl... Click to read more


by 4 Jurors

Panama Papers

The Panama Papers are an unprecedented leak of 11.5m files from the database of the worlds fourth biggest offshore law f... Click to read more


by 5 Jurors

September 11 attacks

All the building fell on its footprint straight down through maximum resistance in almost freefall speed. US attacked Af... Click to read more

Chaotic Neutral

by 9 Jurors

Iraq War

this simply should come to an end.
We dont need bloodshed in this world
the world should be peaceful

Chaotic Neutral

by 5 Jurors

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

A small % of americans will benefit from it, but the large majority of them will not. Tpp is used to boost the economies... Click to read more

Neutral Evil

by 14 Jurors

2016 Brussels bombings

In the strongest words possible, i stand to condemn this vehement act. Its so in human. Its so illegal, Its a crime, Its... Click to read more

Devil Incarnate

by 3 Jurors