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Fictional Characters

Supernatural (TV series)

Dose'nt get any better than Supernatural


by 1 Jurors

Jaime Lannister

I love every single scene he's been involved in. Such a great actor. He's a conflicted man who tries to be honorable and... Click to read more

Lawful Good

by 1 Jurors

Captain America

Captain America is patriot of his country. His power is more natural and it's more serious. He makes everybody trust in... Click to read more

Lawful Neutral

by 4 Jurors

Claire Underwood

Behind every great man, there's a great woman. And behind every treacherous man, there's a similarly cold-hearted woman.... Click to read more

Chaotic Neutral

by 2 Jurors

Cersei Lannister

Cersei is totally devoid of any sense of morality. She's despicable and even her incesteous little brother agrees with m... Click to read more

Lawful Evil

by 3 Jurors

Ramsay Bolton

Did they really need to go there on Game of Thrones? Did we really need to see Ramsay Bolton rape Sansa Stark? No, we ab... Click to read more

Lawful Evil

by 4 Jurors

Walter White (Breaking Bad)

Walter White's alignment changes over the course of the series as he slowly and gradually descends into darkness. Walter... Click to read more

Neutral Evil

by 1 Jurors

Darth Vader

He's the one who "restored the balance of the force" by killing his Sith master. He did very evil things to get there, l... Click to read more

Chaotic Evil

by 1 Jurors

Frank Underwood (House of Cards)

Frank is still a bad person, but not as evil as Claire. The two of them together made them stronger and at the same time... Click to read more

Chaotic Evil

by 1 Jurors